Tera Fulbright

About the Author

Tera Fulbright has been a fan of the SF genre since first reading C. S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia in the 4th grade.  Her experiences and interests range from costuming and stage combat to running conventions and writing.

Her first short story, “History in the Making” was published in the anthology Rum & Runestones in 2010.  Since then, she has been published in various other anthologies, including Dark Fairy Tales Revisited, Urban Fantasy: An Anthology, Tales of Fortannis: A Bard's Eye View, Tales of Fortannis: A Bard In The Hand, Spells and Swashbucklers, and Athena's Daughters.  Most recently, Tera's story "Jump Back Into the Fight" was published in Tales of Fortannis: A Bard Day's Knight, her third story in that universe.

As a fan, she serves as the Quartermaster for the DMB Lightning’s Hand of the Buccaneers of the Atlantic Coast.  Tera enjoys costuming; some of her costumes include Mara Jade & Padme of Star Wars, Hathor of Stargate: SG-1 and various lady pirates. Along with her husband, James, she helped run conventions such as StellarCon and RavenCon for over 15 years.  Starting in 2013, they began a new convention, ConGregate, with a small group of experienced convention organizers.

In her non-fandom life, Tera works as a Talent Management Associate for The Center for Creative Leadership. And in what, admittedly limited, spare time she has, she enjoys miniature painting, playing Pathfinder, reading and spending time with her husband and daughter at their home in Greensboro, NC.